Hi, it’s me again. It’s been almost a year since my last post which got really great reviews. I wasn’t exactly sure how to follow it, but then a topic came up and has continued to come up so I thought I could talk about it in 500 words or less.

Yes, you read the title right. Vajazzling. The art of putting sparkly things on your. . .well. . .you know. . .your VAgina. Get it? VAjazzaling; VAgina. Of course it’s a made up word that if not in Webster’s Dictionary yet it should, at the very least, be in Urban Dictionary.com.

I do this. I vajazzle (my mother is very proud). The actual art of vajazzling is a bit more detailed than what I do. Historically, in order to get your South of the Border sparkled you have a very talented and very creative person who has rhinestones (or if you’re really fancy those swarovski crystals), glue and an incredible eye for detail attending to your needs. They will apply the stones in certain designs on your nether regions creating a lovely, sparkly visual. I, however, do not do that. I have pre-designed, very pretty applique’s that after I wax you I will apply by holding my hand over the design, pressing into your skin and then peeling away the sticky back film. This also leaves a lovely, sparkly visual that I have heard gets rave reviews after your partner recovers from their shock..

How long do the sparkles last? Well, that’s a varying factor. It depends on your level of, umm, shall we say, activity in the area. Friction can of course cause them to fall off faster than no friction. But as a general rule my clients have found that the design will last in it’s entirety anywhere from 5-7 days. Once they start to fall off you will find them in hilarious places. One of my clients found one on her dog’s belly. One found one on her stomach. That’s always the fun part. It’s like a tiny surprise waiting for you.

I charge $15 to apply after a wax or you can buy them yourself and take home for $10. It’s always a good way to spice things up or to just feel sexy. You wouldn’t think it, but once you see them on they are so stinkin’ cute you won’t know why you haven’t been getting Vajazzled your whole life.

Indulgence Day Spa, Brandon Florida–we have lots of designs from swirls to hearts to sunbursts and many others. Try it for fun. . .I’m sure you’ve wasted $15 on something else much less fun in the recent past.



PS: I realize I have not addressed Penazzling–The art of putting sparkles around your penis, but that rage hasn’t hit yet. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the first time that word has even been written.

PS Again: If you’ve got Brazilian waxing questions see my entry below.


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