How much does it hurt?? Yes, we are talking about Brazilian Waxing.

Okay, listen to me.

A Brazilian wax is not like performing surgery without anesthesia. It is not like getting your leg cut off at the knee. It is not even as bad as falling of the back of a truck and landing on the trailer hitch and then getting 7 stitches in your leg. And you know how I know that? Because I have fallen off the back of a truck and landed on the hitch and had 7 stitches in my leg AND I have also gotten a Brazilian wax. A wax, I might add, that I do to myself. So consider this: If I can wax myself then it can’t be all that bad, right? I mean, as a species we are not really designed to hurt ourselves. It happens of course as in the case of tattoos, nipple piercings (or any body piercings for that matter), chewing our nails until they bleed, spending an evening with our in laws, but as a general rule we don’t inflict pain on ourselves without a severe, psychological issue.

Brazilian waxI do not have a severe, psychological issue. Sure, I’ve got my own neurosis like … wait, wait … This isn’t about me but my point is that YOU CAN DO THIS, IT’S NOT THAT BAD.

It’s wax, it’s not fire. It’s not acid. It’s not even a bad sunburn. And you have an out in case you hate it. You know what that out is? YOU LEAVE!! It’s not like I tie you down and MAKE you continue. I’m actually quite reasonable and understand that people have varying pain tolerances.
Just about two months ago I had a new client in and she was lovely. It was her first time experience and I began as I always begin with the bikini line. I always start with the bikini line because 99.9% of the time it hurts less there than anywhere else except in between the butt cheeks. As a general rule I don’t start with the butt because people are weird about that being the first place I look. I get it. So, I start with the bikini line.
Anyway, it was a first time wax and I put a strip of hard wax on her bikini line and I removed it. Swiftly and efficiently. She squealed; pretty loudly too. (One time I watched a movie that was set somewhere in the middle east and people were yelling in kind of a yodel/lalalalala type yell that came from way back in their throat and she sounded a bit like that. After she left one of my other clients asked if I had a turkey gobbling in my room.) I jumped. I mean, it was enough to frighten me. When she decided to speak to me this is what she said: “I am done. You will not put anymore wax on me.” She was pleasant enough and I had gotten myself together enough by this point that I could talk and I said “Ok.”
And she left.

That was it. Easy!

I do think, in my experience, that when you bring people with you to ‘help you get through it’ that it makes things worse. I find my best waxing experiences with first timers are when they are on their own. It’s almost like someone else in the room makes your anticipation worse. This lovely lady with the good lungs that will no longer come back to be waxed did have someone with her. This proved to be unhelpful. The Helper was as taken aback as I was by the gobble and didn’t even try to talk her friend into staying. Also the Helper’s hand was squeezed in an unkind and not gentle way. I actually think the Helper may have been hurt more than the Squealer.

Probably some of you are wanting me to circle back to that thing I said about waxing not hurting in between the butt cheeks and I will do that here. It really doesn’t hurt back there and yes, you really do have hair there. Maybe not a lot, but you still have it. Some people choose to leave it and that’s okay by me. Whatever floats your boat.

Don’t NOT wax this area because of fear of pain. The wax does initially feel like lava flowing on the area (one of my clients asked me if I had it set on ‘boil’) but that’s just because of the sensitivity of the skin. The hair coming off actually does not hurt the same as in the front. Promise.
So, please do not let the thought of pain keep you from at least trying it. It’s going to hurt but it’s not going to give you everlasting trauma. I’ve been getting waxed for many years now and there are still spots that make me jump. Then it’s over. And the benefits last for weeks. And please don’t squeal at me when I’m not expecting it. Or better yet  … no squealing, screaming, yelling at all. It scares me and makes me cranky. I don’t like to be scared and nobody likes me cranky.

All of the technicians at Beach Ready Salon in Brandon are ready to wax you in the most gentle yet effective way possible. Even if you don’t get the entire thing done it will be a good experience. You will like us, if not for how painless our waxing is then for just our personalities.

Give Beach Ready a shot, won’t you? Call our Brandon Waxing Specialists at (813) 657-8141 to schedule your appointment.



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