You know what’s funny? I’ve been waxing for about 7 years now. I do many of the same clients each month and I get many new clients that then become old clients. That’s not the funny part. The funny part is that the questions stay exactly the same. No matter who the clients are, what sex they are, how old they are. . .the questions are the same. So, lets talk about them.

Yes, it’s going to hurt. I’m sorry it hurts. I’m sorry I laugh sometimes. I can’t help it. I am not a sadist, it’ just that the expressions on your faces crack me up. You’re always so surprised no matter how many times I tell you it’s going to hurt. Now, take into consideration that people have varying pain tolerances. What is going to feel like a spinal tap to one person feels like a pin prick to another. But as a general rule, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Take a few Tylenol or Excedrin or Aleve or whatever it is that you take for a headache about 30 minutes before you get here and that should dull the pain some. Is it awful? Not really. I also have it done every month and I’m still alive so that should tell you something.

Yes, you can get waxed if you are having your period. Please wear a tampon because otherwise I won’t do it. Yes, it’s going to hurt more because you are more sensitive. Cycles come and go–we either wax around them or during them. Your choice.

Yes, I do men, but usually only if I know them or if they seem normal on the phone. I prefer men who are referred to me because then I know them or at least someone I know knows them. If you are a man and are reading this then you have your own set of questions that I will address here. Here we go: No, you do not need to have an erection to get waxed. Yes, at some point you will probably get one–it’s the nature of the beast–it will go away, I assure you. Yes, I wax the scrotum. Yes, it hurts. Yes, I will wax inside the crack of your rear–that is included in the price. The cheeks are extra. No, I will not put on extra soothing lotion. This is a professional service, if you are coming for any other reason then don’t bother because I will have you pay me for wasting my time and then never have you back. Then I will tell all of my salon friends about my experience with you and you will never get a service anywhere because you are a perv.

Back to general questions. Yes, you will probably bleed if it is your first time being waxed. It’s just trauma from the pores and goes away. Don’t freak out and if you are prone to freaking out–don’t look down.

Yes, if you keep up with the waxing it comes back thinner and finer. Sometimes your hair grows more in a month than other months. I can’t help this. If you wax once every 6 months please don’t ask me why it’s not getting any thinner or finer. You’re not upkeeping. It’s like going to the gym–once you stop, everything goes back to the way it was.

I have been waxing for nearly 7 years. I am quick. I use a high quality wax. I will do the best I can on you and try to make it as enjoyable of a process as possible. We can chatter, listen to music or just be silent. But as far as Brazilian Waxing in Brandon, Florida–you won’t be disappointed with Indulgence Day Spa.



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